TRAIN LIKE A MOTHER Training and Workshops are based on functional movements and focused on building and rebuilding a solid foundation and strong core while learning to move safely and effectively.  

As a certified BIRTHFIT Coach, in addition to providing you with a solid fitness program custom fit to your capabilities and goals, I can and will partner with other gyms, coaches, and birth professionals in the area to build a network of individuals that are ready and willing to be part of your birth team, if you so choose. No matter what type of birthing experience you envision, it is my goal to ensure you are ready in mind and body for the ultimate workout that is Childbirth.

During postpartum recovery, my initial focus for each of my clients is to enjoy and embrace motherhood.  Once cleared to start exercising, so many Mamas have the singular goal of getting their "Pre-baby body" back.   If you thought you were strong before you had your baby, it is now my job to show you just how much stronger you can become.  We will move slowly at first, addressing any signs of dysfunction through a sound referral network of professionals, in order to rebuild your foundation.